Fine Art Landscape & Nature Photography

From the sweeping landscapes and grand wilderness of North America comes the work of photographer Eric Reynolds.

Portraying his passion and dedication for beautiful photographs, Eric captures nature's grand landscapes and majestic wild for us to enjoy.

Places I’ve Stood

I have a knack for remembering the places that I shot a majority of my photographs and can point people to that location. However in a deep forests or vast fields it can be a bit harder to remember so I generally equip my camera with GPS to mark my spots. Unlike many photographers, I enjoy sharing with others where my photographs were taken. Yes someone may take a shot from the same location as me, but the photograph will not be exactly the same. All I ask is that you respect the location so others can enjoy its beauty as well.

If you have photographs that you’d like to share the location of, or to see other great locations please check out my other endeavor Where Did You Take That?