Viewing: The American Southwest

Island in the Sky

Canyonlands National Park, UT

Island in the Sky by Eric Reynolds - Landscape Photographer

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The Story

Gain a new perspective from this shot of the Island in the Sky.

When people visit Canyonlands, this is the area they typically explore first. The eons of erosion that have caused the formations and landscape of the area call to you. Their compelling textures and colors provide a view that’s different by the hour and day, yet unchanging through the decades. With the La Sal mountains in the distance and the indescribable vastness of the area, it is definitely understandable that people would make their way here first when visiting.

As I was shooting, I wondered how I would be able to relay or even describe the landscape. How small you feel among the vastness, yet how powerful you feel through the inspiration the views provide. The open-ness makes you want to break free, to see how far you can run.

This shot was taken from an extremely elevated area. Among the windy conditions and significant beauty, it took everything to stay put and not follow the wind.

It truly inspires adventure.

Image Details

Camera: Nikon D300

Lens: Nikkor 14-24 f2.8

ISO: 200

Aperture: 13

Exposure: 1/125 second