Viewing: The Black Hills

Devils Towers by Moonlight

Devils Tower National Monument, WY

Devils Towers by Moonlight by Eric Reynolds - Landscape Photographer

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The Story

Never underestimate the power and beauty of nature’s light; particularly, moonlight.

I captured this photo in Devils Tower National Monument in October 2015, and can still remember how exceedingly dark it was that evening. Though the moon was illuminating the mysterious rock formation, I could not see one stride in front of my own feet. The engulfing darkness made this shot even more satisfying after I saw the results.

I had wanted a night shot of Devils Tower for quite some time before I eventually made my journey to the national park and up to the top parking lot. My initial goal was to capture a Milky Way photo, however, the moon simply shown too bright for a proper Milky Way shot. That’s when I opted for a moonlit shot of the Tower, and it seemed that the universe (at least the moon) thought this was the best plan.

This shot is a reminder that oftentimes nature has its own - and almost always better - plan in store.

Image Details

Camera: Nikon D810

Lens: Nikkor 14-24 f2.8

ISO: 64