Viewing: The Canadian Rockies

Mt. Athabasca & Athabasca Falls

Jasper National Park, AB

Mt. Athabasca & Athabasca Falls by Eric Reynolds - Landscape Photographer

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The Story

This shot was of a gorgeous waterfall in Jasper National Park. It was actually taken directly behind the “Athabasca Falls and Canyon” shot I also took. The sky had cleared up a bit behind the mountain revealing a nice contrast between the blue of the water and the sky above. While I was taking this picture there was a young man climbing around on the rocks to the right. While climbing the rocks may look inviting to some people, it is extremely foolhardy to do. It would be best to remain above the river looking at its beauty.

Image Details

Camera: Nikon D300

Lens: Nikkor 14-24 f2.8

ISO: 100

Aperture: 22

Exposure: 1/20 second